At White Rapids, we provide a number of services: medical, rehabilitation, recreation, wheelchair accessible transportation, community outreach and pastoral care.


We provide 24-hour nursing care with an RN on duty around the clock, LPNs and RAs. We have a rehab specialist who works with residents on a one-on-one basis, increasing mobility and range of motion. In addition, we contract the services of a physician.


Our activity coordinator provides leisure and social activities for residents; whether it be morning coffee or bingo. We also have a wheelchair accessible mini-bus that enables residents to view fall colours, enjoy lunch at a restaurant, go shopping or get to off-site medical appointments.


Local clergy provide regular Sunday services and pastoral visits. This is a true community service that brings spiritual fulfillment to residents.


We also have a Pastoral Care Coordinator who visits residents weekly.


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PHONE: (506) 368-6508

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“As his health deteriorated over the almost eleven years White Rapids was his home, the dedication and respectful care he was given never wavered.  He was treated with kindness and staff in all disciplines interacted with him, sometimes able to draw him out and get a smile when he lost his speech.  Our family is certain that he lived as long as he did because of the wonderful care he received.’’  -Karen Elliott

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