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Pastoral Care provides encouragement

White Rapids Manor has benefitted from the services of a Pastoral Care Coordinator for more than a year. Rev. James Harrison, or Pastor Jim as some call him, visits weekly to provide spiritual and emotional support to everyone who wishes.

“As Pastoral Care Coordinator, I am blessed to be able to share in the lives of the residents, family members and staff of White Rapids Manor.  I offer words of encouragement in difficult times and share with them in prayer and the reading of God’s Word,’’ he said.

Pastor Jim’s weekly visits augment the supportive church community that provides services on a rotational basis every Sunday in the multi-purpose room. The monthly calendar contains the name of the church providing the service each week.

Pastor Jim is available for hospital visits and other special concerns. Simply ask staff to make a note in his book so that he can follow up.

His visits involve spending time chatting with residents and listening to their concerns. “Getting to know them and spending time with them allows me to remind them that God knows and cares deeply for each one of them,” said Pastor Jim.

Rev. James Harrison

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