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Fast Facts

Did You Know?


  • White Rapids Manor Inc. opened in 1978.

  • We are inspected annually by the Nursing Home Services branch of the Department of Social Development as part of our license to operate.

  • We are a private, non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors who meet as a group and in addition as committee members.

  • We are audited annually and this is forwarded to the Department of Social Development.

  • We are home to 40 residents who reside in one of 8 single rooms, 14 double rooms or 4 semi-private rooms.

  • We are a registered charity and rely completely on donations to run our mini-bus for residents. Donations also purchase items such as new room furniture for residents.

  • To operate our home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we employ more than 60 people, making us one of the largest employers in the community.

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